Monday, May 5, 2008

Baby Showers

I haven't updated in forever and I have 3 showers to add to the blog. The first was my work shower and it was so much fun! We had some great games (poopy candy diapers, guess what the baby food is, and what will the baby look like). And we had tons of great food and lots of people hanging out. The second was with some friends of mine from long ago, my home ward. They were great! It was so nice to see them. I can't believe I've known most of them for almost 20 years! And the last one was my current ward friends. Everyone is so generous in their well wishes and gifts. I couldn't ask for a better group of friends. Thanks to everyone for the showers and gifts and good food and lots of laughs. Now if I could only figure out the blog thing and actually make updates.

Jackie hosting the games with Jared, Ron, Sandra, Chai and lots of others all hanging out having a great time.

This was Tracy Glenn's renditition of what the baby will look like. I think Jared liked this one the most because the head was so small.

This was by Maria and Bill. Love the chest hair!

This was the winner by Linda, Portia and Maggie. She had the cutest hair and even a binki. The only drawback was the hairy chin.

This was by Gunther and Diane. I love the sticker "Little girl to love"!

Jake and Michelle drove in all the way from Phoenix to be there. Love you guys!

Here's the cake. YUMMY!

And another cake. Christy made it from scratch! It was so good...chocolate, white and cherry chip.

Christina was the host along with her mom and Christy for my long time friends from South Pasadena.

Here's the girls from Van Nuys...Lindsey (holding Myles), Krista, Laura and Kady with Tessa. Thanks you all for the parties. They were so much fun!