Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Dishwasher disaster

One week ago we switched out the old dishwasher for a new one. The old one wasn't draining and it was just plain worn out. So my dad decided to buy us a new one. Jared installed it and it seemed to work fine at first. Then the water wasn't draining. So he unhooked pipes and began trying to figure out what was wrong. We had told the landlord about it earlier but he said his plumber was out of town until Saturday. Well we couldn't wait that long and Jared had an itch to do some plumbing. He found a mess in the air gap, he switched out the pipes under the sink and then the real trouble began. It wasn't draining and worse yet it was leaking. So a friend came over to help him. They discovered there was a block in the main pipe. They shot water down it from the roof and with the "help" of Elise turning on the hose the kitchen was flooded. Oh the joys of home ownership, but wait, we aren't the owners! So after the water was shut off they worked for hours more and got water moving through the pipes. We thought we were finally out of the woods. We ran the dishwasher that night and I happily cleaned and mopped the kitchen. Then I walked in from work on Monday afternoon and my dad said it still wasn't working. Nothing was clean and soap was still in the dispenser. I wanted to pull my hair out. Jared's friend came again and they worked until midnight finally figuring out the hot water line was clogged. I threatened to call the landlord in the morning and get it fixed that day! But Jared got off work early yesterday, put in a new line and viola! it finally worked. I ran the dishwasher last night, checking it over and over. The water was there, the soap dispensed and when I woke up today they were clean and sparkly with no leak or clogs anywhere. I think the dishwashing gods have finally smiled down upon us.

Now to the gate.... On Saturday (while in the midst of all the plumbing issues) Jared changed my brakes. When he was done he forgot to check them. We left to go pick up Erik from SAT's and run a few errands. Now normally I open the front iron gate for Jared so he doesn't have to get out. And usually we say a prayer before we go. Neither one of those happened at that moment. So when we started driving the brakes weren't lubricated yet and he was pumping like crazy with no braking going on. We crashed into the gate and it flew into the street. Thankfully(!!!) no one was driving right then, or walking their kids or dogs and we were able to stop. The neighbors were like what happened?!?! We bent the fence pretty good and will probably have to pound it out and do some welding but I think it will eventually be ok. My car has a few more scratches but Jared bought a buffer to buff them out.

Needless to say it was quite the crazy week. I'm so tired and am in desperate need of a vacation, but alas we are broke and can't afford to go anywhere relaxing except for in our minds. I'm hoping to buy a lotto ticket for Mother's Day and win the big one! Here's to wishing :)