Thursday, March 24, 2011

10 weeks and another goal met!

Today is 10 weeks post surgery. I'm down to 252 which was one of my goals! I couldn't believe it this morning when I looked at the scale. The last time I weighed 252 was when I went to my 6 week check up after I had Elise. That was the lowest I had been in years. So next up will hopefully be just a short time away at 248 - the weight I was when I first joined Weight Watchers more than 8 years ago. I bought some pants last Friday because they were on clearance for $20 each. I bought size 24 and they were snug. I figured they would last me a while, but I'm thinking now they aren't going to last me long. They are already baggy and I need a belt for them. Happy to be heading downward, but I guess I'll have to buy super snug next time :) Yay!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Almost 10 weeks

This week will be 10 weeks since surgery. This morning I hit 256 so that's 40 pounds since surgery. I'm still in shock over it after my 2 week stint at 264. I'm happy that it's creeping down. Since my highest I've lost 62. And once again, in shock. But very happy with the results. I know it will slow down at some point, but I'm hoping that won't be for at least another year. I was talking with some friends about it on Saturday and I'm so happy I did it. I think at first I wasn't so sure, but I can see that this really is going to help in getting me healthy. Ok, back to the grind at work.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Family Photos

I haven't added pictures of the family in ages and since Natalie showed me how easy it was I thought I would add a few.

This is the only decent picture from Christmas morning.

Jared on a scout campout in Big Bear.

New Years Eve Excitement (it's sparking cider just in case you were wondering).

BBQ with Grandma and Grandpa Pickett

Erik with his sister Rosie at her birthday party in January

Boy Scout hike to the Hollywood sign.

Erik's birthday party in February. Great weekend to be outside.

Elise and friends picking oranges from the trees in our backyard.

So there was the past few months in a nutshell. Now that I know how much easier it is to add pics I'm going to try to do it more often. Plus my baby Elise is adorable and you all should get to see her cute smiling face more often (am I a biased mommy or what!?).

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pics.... I know, I know, finally

So I'm finally out of my stalled funk and down this morning to 260! Hip Hip Hooray! I was thinking about some past milestones that I want to hit again. First is 252, the weight I was at my 6 week checkup after having Elise. Then 248, when I first started Weight Watchers about 8 years ago. Then 223, the weight I was when I quit Weight Watchers 6 months later. Then finally 199, just to be under 200. Then 175, to be the weight I was as a freshman in college. Then my goal of 169. That's the plan. Wish me luck. And now the moment you've all been waiting for..... PICTURES!!!
So the before pics are the day of surgery (my scale at home was 298, but at the hospital it was 296 so I use that one) and the rest are from last night, today marking 8 weeks out! Wish I could do a side by side, but I'm technically challenged.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


So for the past week I've been stalled at 264. Not sure why or how, but I've decided to make a few changes. I was skipping the protein drinks and eating bars instead. The shakes make me want to barf so I just stopped drinking them. They are horrible and disgusting, but today I decided to just drink the darn things and if I barf then I barf and hopefully that's a few more pounds down the drain. I know it's gross. Sorry. So for now I'm going to eat/drink all the protein I can and try to get all my water in too. I'm walking everyday for 30 minutes and that doesn't seem to be helping either. So I decided that it's time to step on that elliptical that the in-law's gave us and go for at least 5 minutes every day and work my way up to 20. Hopefully this ends the dreaded stall.