Friday, January 27, 2012

Last quilt of 2011

This is the last quilt I made last year for my friend Christina. She had a little boy at the end of November. I'm in love with the polka dots on the back. The coolest fabric though is aliens and a little boy on the front fabric. It was fun to pick it all out and I was really lucky to find the back fabric which matched up perfectly.



I didn't take any pictures at the Quilt show, I think because I was so in awe of all the marvelous quilts I just totally forgot about it. The shopping was fun too. I found a pattern for my next quilt, some fat quarters for another quilt and a jelly roll for yet another. I think so far this year I have 5 quilts ready to go. Whew! It's gonna be a busy year!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

First Quilt of 2012

Here's the first of my goals for this year. It was a pretty easy quilt that I found on pinterest. It was for my friend Jen who is having a baby next month. I love, love, love the stripes. Those along with the polka dots are so cute! I wanted to post the one I made for Christina too but the pics are on my phone and I didn't download them yet. So here's this one instead. Karen, Lindsey and I are going to the quilt show in Ontario this weekend and I'm so excited to see all the awesome quilts and get some good ideas.

Before and After

Here are pics of me and Lindsey before and after the 5K. Don't we look skinny!?!? It was a lot of fun, but I'm not ready to run anytime soon. That wiped me out for a while.

Friday, January 13, 2012

1 year post op

It's been exactly one year since I had my bariatric surgery. I can't believe how fast the year went. Seems like yesterday I was being wheeled into the operating room. Well here are the results: I'm down to 214 as of this morning. Since surgery that's 82 pounds and that makes a total of 104 pounds lost since I started this journey. I still can't believe how different I look and feel. I'm so happy I chose to do this. I was so unhappy with my weight in the past and now I finally feel that I have it mostly under control. I still have more to lose (like another 40 pounds would be fabulous), but I'm ok with it now. It'd be great to get under 200. So that's my next goal. It might be a while though before that happens because in about 7 months I'll be having a baby. Yep, you heard it here first. I'm due August 2. So I'm 11 weeks as of yesterday. I wasn't going to say much until 12 weeks, but it's almost here and it's slowly being leaked to the public. I'm not ready to blast it yet on facebook so only my faithful readers here will get the inside scoop. I'm exhausted, tired and even more tired than I was with Elise. I can't keep hardly anything down and the toilet is my new best friend. Luckily I have a great doctor who has been willing to help me with medications and they seem to be working a little bit. So anyway, there's the inside 411 for you all. Happy Friday :) Oh, and I'll have some pics to post soon of my newest quilt and one that I finished a few months ago that I haven't put up here. I'm excited to be done with quilt 1 of the 12 to do this year :) And I joined a virtual quilting bee and am very excited to be in one this year. It'll really help my skills. Ok, this is long enough now.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Welcome 2012

I'm not in the mood to work, so I was blog stalking again on some quilting sites. Found some really great ones I want to do. Maybe this year, but maybe not. I still have my goal of 12 in 2012. I need to start and finish one this weekend, since I have a baby shower next weekend and I'll hopefully be bringing it there. It amazes me how people find the time to do so much quilting. I guess I'll just have to make the time. That means late nights since that's pretty much the only time I have to myself. I could get up earlier, but who wants to do that? Not me!
Anyway, I don't have any resolutions this year. Got my weight under better control, so I don't need to focus on that. I should do some more exercising as after my first 5K I haven't even stepped foot into my running gear. Oh well. Guess that's a resolution. I'm just not feeling up to it. There's lots of things I need to change about myself internally but I'm not really sure there are resolutions for me to make to do that. Hmmm... guess I'll have to do some thinking about it. I should make a resolution to take more pictures and post them here. I know a few of you would like that. So I guess that's it. Nothing else I can think of. It's already feeling like a long year ahead. I hope that's not the case. Maybe I'm just tired and need more sleep. Oh, that's a good resolution, more sleep. Not sure it's gonna happen, but I'll try. What are your resolutions?