Friday, February 25, 2011

Then vs. Now

So it's been 6 weeks since surgery (I know, I know, pics coming soon, very very soon...I promise!). And so far I'm down 32 pounds. But the thing I wanted to share was how much I've changed. At work this week we went out for a team building lunch to an Italian restaurant. I didn't even touch the "fresh baked bread" and olive oil even though I was tempted for a few moments. I ordered chicken with vegetables and it came with pasta. I ate half a piece of chicken, a few bites of the veggies and I was done. In the past I would have had a few pieces of bread and finished the whole plate and then had a food coma the rest of the afternoon.

The same thing happened today when I went out on my lunch break. I had to go to the bookstore and then I had previously decided to go to Jack in the Box for a Chicken Fajita Pita. I ate all of the chicken and a few bites of the pita and I was stuffed. Back in the old days I would have eaten that, plus an order of fries and a soft drink. I couldn't be more pleased with my progress.

I've also had a realization that I can't stand those horrible protein shakes so I eat the bars instead. They have more fat and calories but at least they are staying down and it takes me the whole afternoon to only eat half.

Switching gears, I wanted to say how much I love 2 shows on TV right now. GLEE is hilarious. I loved the "Comeback" episode and was laughing like crazy. The music wasn't all that great, but the writing is amazing. One of the funniest scenes is when Santana is talking about how big Sam's mouth is. Too funny! And the whole Justin Bieber thing was cracking me up. The other show I love is Parenthood. The family dynamics are amazing and the characters feel like they aren't scripted at all. I think they must do some ad libbing there because it just runs so smoothly. Anyway, my $.02. Pics coming shortly!!!

Oh and I forgot one thing. I didn't buy any Girl Scout cookies this year and normally I buy about 10 boxes (not only because they are good, but because I was a GS for so many many years I know how it feels to not sell any). So my co-worker had an extra box. I bought it and it's been sitting unopened in my desk drawer for the whole week. And it's Thin Mints! Talk about progress :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

4 week update

So I had surgery 4 weeks ago today. This morning I weighed in at 271. So that makes 25 pounds lost in the last 4 weeks and 47 pounds total since my highest ever. I can't believe that it's actually working. I had a stall there for a while and I've been in the 270's for a few weeks so I just kept thinking 'why did I do this again?' So now I only have 102 pounds to go. Wow that still seems like a ton, but at least it's not 150 pounds like it was last summer.

I found a new protein shake that is a little lighter than the one I had been drinking so it's helped me get a little more protein in. Plus I can get it at GNC and they have a bunch of different flavors so that will help take away the awful taste of chocolate I've had for the past month.

In other cool exciting news I get to take the online Jeopardy test tonight. I know I'm gonna suck, but it will still be fun to see if I can make it to the next round. I really want to go to the Wheel of Fortune tryouts on Sunday but I have no one to go with me, so I guess I'll have to wait until next time :(

I promise I will take some pics of me and post my before and after. I don't think I have any from last summer, but I have the day of surgery and I'll take some from today and see if there is any differences. I really should start taking my measurements too just to see if those are changing. I assume they are because most of my pants don't fit well these days. Guess I'll just have to go shopping :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

3 week update

Well I have to go back to work tomorrow so I thought I would update how I've been doing 3 weeks after surgery. I'm down to 275. It was stuck for a while at 283 and then 279, but more moving around helped it go down a few notches. I'm actually glad to get going back to work so that I can walk 2 times a day and not be lazy about it. I downloaded some new music to my ipod and I'm ready for some good walking. That should really get the weight moving. I tried a little peanut butter today. It was good, but I couldn't even finish the tablespoon I got for myself. I ate about half of it before I was full. I'm glad to finally be moving on to other foods. In a few weeks I won't have to eat pureed and I can move onto solids. I really should post some pics. I think my face looks different but I don't see much change in my body. Maybe everyone one else sees it and for sure tomorrow at work I'll be getting some feedback.