Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Scales down, finally

So I found a new diet called The Fast Diet and decided to read the book and give it a try. The premise is basically that we were once cavemen and ate like feast and famine and that our bodies need a break from the constant eating. Seemed reasonable enough to me. The claim is that it's better for your cells and organs to not be working all the time digesting food. They suggest that you eat 5 days normally, not counting calories or fat and such and then fast 2 days a week, not consecutively. The idea is that your body gets a break and is able to repair the damage done to it thus making you healthier and live longer. And they said a great side effect is weight loss. So I decided to give it a go yesterday. I ate Monday night around 9pm and then didn't eat all day Tuesday until about 3:30pm and then it was only celery and half an apple on the way home. Then for dinner my dad made beef stew and I had a biscuit. I cheated and had 3 cookies and few graham crackers. But then at 7 I made a deal with Elise that neither of us would eat anything after that. I felt good most of the day with only a slight headache and a little lightheaded probably from not drinking enough water. This morning I weighed and I was down 2 pounds!! Finally the scale is working the other way. I know it's probably water weight, but I'll take a down turn any day over the upswing.

So I'm going to eat normally today, already I've eaten what feels like a lot. Then tomorrow another fast and then my work weigh in on Friday. I know I'm up since the last weigh in but hopefully it will only be by a pound or two. I'll have to tell them in my defense that I've stopped breastfeeding since the last weigh in so for me to only gain a few pounds is a miracle (last time was like 20 pounds!). Well here's hoping for some good results with this. From what I can read about it most people drop slow and steady, which I like. It seems like it's not too difficult because on your regular eat days you can eat what you want and not have to worry about it, barring going overboard.

In other news I've put in all the applications I can for Kindergarten lottery. Here's hoping Elise will get into one of them! I should find out in the next few weeks if she's in or not. Oh and in other news I went to have my IUD put in but it didn't work. My cervix was closed too tight. So I have to take ceradil next week and we'll try again. If it doesn't work we'll have to try in a few weeks when I have my period and then if that doesn't work I'm scheduling surgery. 3 times is a sign. Oh the joys of mortality!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My venting place

I guess this is now my place to vent. I really should be posting happy pictures of my kids and family. Sadly I'm not that happy. My kids drive me bananas. The oldest is the epitome of procrastination. He had 10 days off school (counting weekends). I asked him last night if all his homework was done so he would be prepared for school today and his answer was not yet. I'm like really? I guess in his defense he did clean up some of his room. But seriously? You can't finish your homework in 10 days off school. Then I got a call from him this morning as I was driving to daycare asking to bring his book which he forgot. I refused. Sorry, harsh realities of life. You don't prepare your stuff the night before I ain't fixing it for you. Then the 4 year old is living up to her age. She didn't get to sleep last night until 10pm which is the norm because the daycare refuses to follow my direction about naps. I know she's a handful but she needs to be nap free in a few months for kindergarten. I'm going to really put my foot down by her birthday. So this makes for a very long night for all of us. The baby is fine except when it comes to about 2 in the morning and all of the sudden she's crying. I'm not understanding it at all. We feed her right before bed so why the constant waking up? She's 8 months and should be able to sleep through the night. The funny thing is that from about 2 until 4:40 in the morning I'm up with her constantly. Yet as soon as I get out of the shower and start getting ready for work both she and the 4 year old are fast asleep and it takes me forever to wake them.

Then this morning I get to work finally and find out that one the Project Managers hasn't followed policy for something and it just really makes me look bad. The training for this was months ago and should already be in place. Ugh.

What's the date today? Oh yeah, pms is in full swing, no wonder the annoyance at everyone and everything today. I need a t-shirt made as a warning. Ok, venting over for the moment but I can't guarantee it for very long.