Monday, July 28, 2008

No Sunday Post

Ok, I feel bad for not posting yesterday. We didn't have much to talk about since I was late for posting last week about our trip to AZ. There's nothing much to write about. We went to the California Science Center today, but I forgot my camera at home (I should really just leave it in my purse). And hopefully tomorrow we can go to the OC Fair. Maybe then next Sunday I'll have some pics to finally post. If anyone wants some Amish Friendship bread starter I will have some in a few days. Let me know! It's so yummy :)


Jeanette said...

Everyone sounds to be doing well. Here is the update on my family: My parents are in Henderson (and will be there until my dad retires), Jeff has two kids and will be done will school soon and will be a clinical psychologist when all is said and done. Todd is still in Alhambra with 3 kids. Matt is moving to Utah from San Diego and has five kids. Daniel is in the IE with 1 kid and one on the way, Suzanne is back east with 2 kids and one on the way. Jason and I are still in Alhambra with Sam and hoping for another one soon. Scott is in Provo and his wife is a PE teacher while he works at a company that designs websites. Whew! When you've got so many in your family it's hard to keep track of everyone! I have to admit I blog stalked Alan's blog...sounds like he and his wife are awesome together!!

Lindsey said...

Yeah, count me in on the bread! Thanks! :D

Brittney said...

Ever since I started my blog I think I've become a little too obsessive about taking my camera everywhere in case there might be the perfect pic for a blogging opportunity. I can't believe you guys are thinking about moving to AZ with all that crazy heat!! It's currently 90 degrees at 10 in the morning here. Thank goodness summer is almost over!!