Monday, August 18, 2008

Yay for Disneyland :)

Well this past week we had lots of fun. We went to Disneyland and finally used our passes this year. We'll have to go a few more times to make it worth the purchase price. But I'm pretty sure we can handle going. We also had fun at the dentist's office. Yay for clean teeth! Now we just have to find an orthodontist for Erik. He'll have to have 3 of his front teeth moved. Ugh. I remember those awful days of braces. I know he's not going to like them. But the results are great. Well here's a few pictures from our adventures at Disneyland. We went into a store and the lady at the counter was admiring Elise. She asked how old Elise was and Jared told her 3 months. The lady asked if it was her first visit to Disneyland. Jared said yes and she gave us a little pin for her first visit. We also rode the new Toy Story Mania ride. It was a blast and I highly recommend going on it. It's worth the 45 minute wait :) And you get to wear 3-D glasses too!


Jeanette said...

Oh, how I heart Disneyland. I have a pass that expires soon...but Sam and I have loved going several times in the past year. Totally love Elise's 3-D glasses!

Liz Pickett Mathis said...

Oh my goodness, she makes good faces! And she's got the pickett cheeks!

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