Monday, September 15, 2008

Fed Up

Ok, I'm so fed up with this blog right now. Any help would be appreciated. I thought I was pretty computer savvy, but apparently I'm not. So I tried to get a background from "the cutest blog on the block". I searched and searched and found a totally cute one and did exactly what they told me to do. It still didn't work and now I just have these stupid dots to show for it. I'm so mad! Why can't I figure this out. The stupid Layout section said I needed to save their new format before doing one of my own. I even did that and I'm still stuck. I guess my only hope is Pyzam. They have cute ones, but I like the other one better. Help!!

Ok...I just looked it over again and it seems to be working better. The only thing now is I have the background I want but it's intermeshed with the one I don't. Argh! I'm going to keep working on it.


Lindsey said...

This looks cute! If your problems aren't solved yet, I'd love to come over and help while holding the baby! :)

Teressa Pickett said...

Please do! It's driving me crazy. I can do it tonight or Thursday night. Anytime after 6. Thank you thank you!

Kjelstrom Family said...

I feel your pain. I thought I was computer-saavy, but the blog formatting just kills me.

I'd love to come say hello sometime soon. Let me know when is good!