Friday, December 5, 2008

Finally some pics from Thanksgiving

Ok, I finally have pictures from Thanksgiving. Well the first one is just Elise in the bath.

All the yummy pies. Sorry you have to turn your head.
Myles looks really sleepy. It's all that yummy turkey :)

James enjoying a leg.

My plate after dinner. Yep, it's all gone. I fell asleep very shortly afterwards.

Sam showing me his egg and his smile.

The dinner table all fancy.

This is the RV we took to Arizona. It was so much better than the little van we rented a few years ago.

Can't remember if this was before or after dinner.

Anyway... it was fun and I want to go on vacation again soon, but oh well. Guess I'll just have to wait for April when we go see my family in Utah :)


The Winters Mathis said...

That last pic was before dinner because I was still konked out on the couch. I love these pictures! Elise looks so content in Erik's lap. I should figure out how to post all the pictures I took, too. Maybe tomorrow!

Love you guys!

Brittney said...

Looks like a fun Thanksgiving. It will be fun to see you guys in a few months.