Tuesday, September 13, 2011


No wonder I never add pics to my blog. It's so irritating trying to get them on here. I have pics on my iphone I sent to my email address so that I could get them on here. Sorry folks, it ain't working. So no pics from me. If anyone has ideas that would make it oh so much easier please let me know. I can't stand flikr so don't suggest that one. Sorry, not in the best of moods today. Want to crawl back in my bed and not get out.


Wendy said...

Do you have picasa? It is googles picture organization software? Anyway, when I put pictures on my computer it puts them two places (my pictures and picasa) then when I want to blog, I go to picasa, select the pictures I want to blog about and then click on "blog this" then it puts all my pictures on my blog and I just have to narrate. Does that make any sense? You need to install picasa on your computer first, but it is free. I L-o-v-e it. If it were difficult or irritating, no way would I blog. p.s. Happy late birthday dear friend. I was just waiting so it would be a surprise!

Teressa Pickett said...

Thanks Wendy. The problem is I do most of my blogging at work and not at home. If I were at home it'd work so much better since my mac and iphone would sync and then there'd be no downloading issues. Guess I'm just gonna have to blog at home. So annoyed.