Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Feeling a little better

So I'm feeling a little better about the job loss situation. Jared has been on the hunt for the past 3 days and thankfully it's not very busy at work so I can help him look. He went on an interview Monday for a taxi job driver job. It's a lot of ups and downs so I'm not feeling really great about that one. Then yesterday Alison found one on CalJobs and he went on an interview yesterday for a teaching job in Chatsworth. They really liked him and they know a lot of the same people from another school Jared used to work at. They said they'd call him for a 2nd interview later this week. Then this morning he called an old co-worker to ask if he could use her as a reference and she said they are hiring right now Resource Teachers which is exactly what he was doing before and is in an interview right now! Please pray that something pans out for us. The other one wants to open a school in Lancaster and asked if he could commute there. I told him to say yes because $40K is better than unemployment. I'll update as soon as I find out if we are employed again!

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MMack said...

Unemployment is a roller coaster ride. I hope you survive it.