Saturday, October 8, 2011

Photo Test and Quilts

IMG_0485So this is my photo test. I downloaded these from my phone into iphoto and then had to put them on flickr and add them here. Now I'm not sure how to size them or move them around quite yet. Guess I'll be spending some time doing that. Well at least for now you can see all the quilts. The black and white one I made for my boss. He loves everything black and he really liked it. It's the first one I finished and I think it turned out pretty good. I love the border. It's chinese characters and since he's Chinese it worked out great.


This one I made for Elise. I started it a really long time ago but couldn't ever figure out how to finish it. Then I got some ideas online and I think it turned out great.

This one I made for Emme. The colors are so cute. I got the idea from Crazy Mom Quilts on one of her tutorials. I gave it to her last night after our ward showcase and she loves it. That makes me happy. At first I wanted to keep all of them, but I'm glad to know people really enjoy them. Now to start another one!! Oh the possibilities. And if anyone has any ideas for presenting my pics better please let me know :)

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MMack said...

I love quilting. It gets to be expensive for me. I am not allowed to go into fabric stores. I'll have to see if I can start blogging again and post a photo of the quilt I'm working on. It's an easy and fun pattern.