Thursday, October 6, 2011

Jared got a job!!

It's true. Jared got a job just a week after being unemployed. I'm pretty sure I know how it all worked out too. He was laid off on Friday, Sept. 23. The next day he and Erik went to help a lady in our ward who was moving. Well they were the only ones that showed up. The ward council discussed it the next day on Sunday during their meeting and we found out the bishop wasn't too happy about no one else showing up.
Later that week Jared was able to go on a few interviews and one of them said by Friday to let them know if wanted the job or not. So he took that one (I know it wasn't his first choice but hey it's a job!). He started on Tuesday this week and that means he was only out of work for a week and one day! Almost unheard of these days. We truly have been blessed.
So how are the 2 connected you may ask? I emailed the bishop late last week and thanked him for helping us with the job hunt and prayers and said I was so happy no one else showed up for the move because we literally needed ALL the blessings. He said he was glad it worked out for us and was grateful to the Pickett's and all we do. I was really happy to hear that.

In other news, at work we volunteered at the Coastal Clean Up Day in Malibu a few weeks ago. It was a fun morning and this pic turned out so cute! There were a few others, but I'm already frustrated with adding pictures in here. I was thinking today if I dump pics from my iphone into my iphoto stuff on my computer at home it may work better. I'm going to try that because I know I owe you all pics of my quilts and of me :) Wish me luck! This is me, Elise, Alison and Alix.

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MMack said...

I am so glad he got a job. Yeah! That is such a blessing. You look great!