Monday, September 30, 2013

Quilt blog and stuff

Last time I tried to post it was near impossible. But it worked out and here I am again. This time it's all about quilting (I know, I know, it hasn't been for a while!). Well I've been blog stalking once again and I love looking at quilting blogs. I really, really want to start my own. I would love for that to be my new profession seeing as the ones I have now I'm not really liking at the moment. Oh well. Guess when I win the lotto my fantasy will come true. Honestly I just don't have time for sewing these days and since I don't have a dedicated space it's really hard to say I'll just sew for 15 minutes a day. Sigh. Well if I did have a quilting blog what should I name it? Hmmm. Gotta get thinking of that. Maybe if I think of a name I can create it and get it moving. Maybe it should be something like "Wishing I had more time for quilting". Nah, too long. Need something fun and short. I'll keep thinking. Any suggestions post it here. I'd also need to find a new blogspot. I mean I like blogspot, but there's too many issues with posting pics. Guess I'll have to do some research if I finally buckle down and get serious. By the way, dropped 4 pounds already :) Hehe, just had to slip that in.

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A Nudge said...

Hi, Teressa. If you can do handwork, you can do quilting anywhere. I'd would suggest trying applique or hexagons - both easy to sit somewhere and do for 15 minutes a day. Then when you're all done with the blocks, you can whip out the machine and sew them together.
Lots of help and tutorials out there on the Net.