Friday, September 20, 2013

What a difference a day makes!

As you all know I've struggled with weight forever and a day. A few months ago I tried really hard to do the calorie counting thing. I even had Lindsey on my side to help with the accountability. I saw results at the beginning but then it just started going the wrong way. Basically since I stopped breastfeeding I've gained 30 pounds, something I'm uncredibly unhappy about. I was racking my brain trying to think of the best thing to do to get my body back. I went on youtube the other morning and watched a lady talking about her vertical sleeve gastrectomy, the same weight loss surgery I had nearly 3 years ago. She said that over the course of a few weeks she wasn't eating like she should and gained 10 pounds. Then in one weekend she started to eat the way she knew she should, getting all her proteins in, and lost 7 pounds. Well that got me thinking about what I did after I had surgery. I basically was eating all protein, very little carbs. So I started looking into Atkins. Now I know what you all are thinking, this lady has been on the diet roller coaster, not one more thing. I talked to my co-worker and my brother who have both done it and been very successful when they were doing it. So I asked them about it and they both agreed it was very good for them. My co-worker had originally lost 96 pounds in one year doing it and then stopped and gained most of that back. She said she was willing to go on it with me again and help me. My brother's advice was be well prepared and don't cheat. Easier said than done of course. So yesterday morning I decided to try it out. I knew I was a sugar and carb addict. I knew I needed to give that stuff up but I just couldn't. It really is my drug of choice. Yesterday I weighed in at 252 (not happy writing that number!). I ate probably 25 carbs total yesterday, compared to my usual daily intake of at least 250 (according to my numbers on My Fitness Pal). I didn't realize really how much I had been consuming. Yesterday though was amamzing. Normally I'm really sleepy during the day and this whole time I thought it was because I don't get enough good, quality sleep. WRONG! I'm sleepy because I was eating carbs all day long. I ate protein for breakfast and for a snack and was wide awake. The worst for me is mid morning and after lunch. Well I wasn't sleepy at all and I didn't feel sluggish and I wasn't starving either. I was full and satiated. And the funny thing was that I typically crave sweets in the afternoon and yesterday I didn't. Well I was anxious to find out how I did on the scale so this morning I weighed in at 249.5. What the heck!?!?! How is that possible! I haven't lost in months :) And I'm feeling incredibly better. I'm amazed at what a difference a day makes. And I really feel like this is going to be a lifestyle change for me. Proteins and veggies are so much better for me than sugars and carbs.

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Lindsey said...

I'm glad you found something you believe in :) You can do it!