Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New day/New outlook

Well after the rant of yesterday I'm feeling much better. I am in last place with the competition, but I'm just going to keep trying. We still have 2 months and most of the losers so far can't keep dropping weight like they are for much longer. Slow and steady right? I'm going to be really good about watching what I eat and if I want a treat I'll keep it very small. I'm also going to walk every day at work, 2 times a day. I have a great route going, I just got new headphones and I need to update my walking playlist to include some good, fast songs. And since Jared doesn't have school the rest of this week I can get on the treadmill and do some running. I did it for 30 minutes on Saturday (walked for 5, then ran without stopping for 20, then cool down for 5). Gotta do that every night this week. The scale has got to move down somewhat right? Just going to take it one day at a time. And thanks Lindsey for the encouragement! Maybe I need to post everyday what I'm eating and be accountable for it. Hmm. That's a idea. Well then let's start with now!

So far today I've eaten (or will eat shortly):
small bowl of cinnamon chex with milk (gonna stop that habit tomorrow)
string cheese
protein shake
plain old celery
lean cuisine
1 bottle water so far (gotta get more of those in)

Ok, commence new day and new outlook on this!

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Lindsey said...

Awesome. Hooray for starting again another day. And I love accountability too, so keep on posting, or texting, or calling. I'm here!

I'll be joining you soon as well--after Easter I'm starting my postpartum slim down so I'll be accountable to you too. :)