Thursday, March 28, 2013


Yesterday started out terrible and it just went downhill from there. I don't know what the heck was wrong with me. Luckily I had plenty of work to do at work so that was nice but I was just bummed out all day. My OB/GYN called me with all the test results. I was tested a few weeks ago because I'm having super duper heavy periods and it's driving me nuts. So she tested my uterus and nothing wrong there and did some blood work and nothing wrong there and did an ultrasound to check out my fibroids. She said they are fairly small, the biggest is less than 1 inch, which is good news considering they were gigantic when I was pregnant. My options now are only 2, an IUD or partial hysterectomy. After I heard all that and talked to the doc about pros and cons I just sat in my car and cried. I think more from just exhaustion and stress than anything else. I asked her about my mom dying from uterine cancer and she said that because all the tests came back ok that she wasn't too concerned. She said that the IUD would actually help prevent it so that's a plus. I just keep hearing all these terrible things about it. Hormones and me are not good friends so I'm not really excited about that but she said the IUD is local hormones and won't affect me like a regular birth control pill would. I talked with Jared last night about it. I'm leaning to the IUD right now and see how it goes and if it goes badly in a few months then I'll just have the surgery. 

So with all of that going on I ate terrible yesterday, but I did manage to get a workout on the treadmill in and ran for 22 minutes without stopping :) I need to keep that going. I really enjoy it and feel much better when it's over and done. I found a few good songs too so that's motivating and heard a few on the radio driving to work that I think my amp up the running to a quick pace. 

This morning I'm having a protein shake so hopefully I can keep eating good stuff today. I'll be glad when Easter is over, then there's really no more candy holidays until Halloween :) 


Lindsey said...

Unfortunately, I can make any day a candy holiday!! :D

Keep going. Soon, the good days will outnumber the bad and you'll realize you have good habits again!

Wendy said...

So sorry you are having a hard time! I hope it works out for you. My Friend and both of my cousins just had hysterectomies, and they said it was life changing, and the best decision they ever made. Hope you have peace with what you choose. Squeeze your cute girls!