Monday, November 24, 2008

I really really love my husband

Ok, so a few days ago I posted that I love Jared because he's such a great husband and father. But now I love him even more. I have been having car troubles for the past month. It sometimes would start and other times it wouldn't. So finally on Saturday night it died on him and he had to jump it 2 times while he was out. On Sunday morning it wouldn't start again and after church I also needed a jump. I was so fed up with the darn thing I told him he was going to get me a new battery last night. And so he did and it's changed and guess what?... it works perfect now!! I was so happy last night. It's one less thing I need to stress about. Anyway, just wanted to say my hubbie is the bestest ever!! Thank you dear! :)


Brittney said...

Car troubles are the worst!!! Nice work Jared!

dana said...

I love when they can fix things like that! Makes you so glad you didn't have to do it on your own. Yay for wonderful husbands!

Stapes said...

My car overheated yesterday! Took me 3 hours to get home with Timmy crying for a nap! I love that Scott just knew just what I should do, and fixed it up today. So great!
I love the recent photos of Elise! SOOO (with a triple o) CUTE!!